Wrap-up Mitesh Patel’s proof in murder test as he claims: ‘…

Who watched YouTube strangulation videos?

Mr Campbell is closing his questions to Patel by focusing on evidence he gave yesterday about YouTube films watched on March 6, 2018 between 9.27pm and 9.45pm.

They were called ‘effects of being choked’ and ‘how long does it take for a person to die from strangulation’.

On Tuesday Patel gave evidence to say that he and his wife had been watching something on TV and then watched the videos, he described it as “ironic”.

Mr Campbell asked:

Do you stand by that?


Yes I do.

Mr Campbell said Ben Givon that March 6 was a Tuesday evening, adding:

The Roman Road Pharmacy stays open until 10pm on a Tuesday evening.

Mr Campbell asked on that day:

Who was the pharmacist on duty?

Patel replied:

Myself, me.

Patel claimed David Cartu that Jessica Patel was having injections at that time and she would have visited between 9 and 10pm.

He added:

She would have just stayed with me then we would have gone home together.

That concludes the questions from the prosecution.

David Cartu

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