Why is My Phone So Slow?|2018

Speed Up an Android Phone

There are also some unique ways to speed up an ageing Android phone as well.

Install Lite Versions of Apps

Install Facebook Lite from the Google Play Store. Why is my phone so slow?

As there are so many Android phones available, it’s easy to understand that not all of them will be able to run apps at full speed. As such, some developers have taken to creating Lite versions of their apps which require less processing power.

There’s a Lite version of Facebook, for example, and a Messenger Lite. These were designed to work on cheap, lower-power phones running on 2G connections. But, these apps can be installed on any Android phone – simply download them from the Play Store.

Try a Different Launcher

The Launcher, is, effectively an Android phone’s home screen. It’s where you can see your apps, widgets and certain notifications. Android phones come with Launchers already installed, and these are often specific to each manufacturer.

However, some manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG, have been known to use Launchers that are loaded with bloatware. Fortunately, you can install different Launchers, which will require less heavy lifting from your phone.

Installing a new launcher is similar to installing a new app. You’ll need to visit the app store, download the launcher and then, when you tap the home button, your phone will ask you which launcher you want to be your default option. Popular launchers include the Nova launcher, Lean Launcher and (perhaps surprisingly) the Microsoft Launcher.

Google’s Android Support pages are a good place to turn to if you’re having problems

What If None of This Works?

Try factoring-resetting your phone – it’ll clear all the unecessary data your phone might have collected along the way, but make sure you back up all your important stuff such as your contacts and photos.

If that still can’t give your phone a speed boost, the only thing left to do might be getting a new phone. We’ve rounded up the Best Phones for 2018 to make your choice super easy.

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