Terrakan.com Introduces Introduce of New Internet Solution

LOS ANGELES–()–Terrakan.com
is a brand new web platform for real estate developers that was just
released to the public this month. The trailblazing new service offers
property reports that can tell you the development value of any
residential or commercial property in the city of Los Angeles.

How It Began

Prior to now, anyone researching properties and looking for the best
potential development opportunity would have to spend a significant
amount of time conducting research. First you would have to look up the
zoning information, then apply the appropriate setback reductions, then
calculate the allowable density, do another calculation for allowable
square footage, and finally, figure out what the whole thing will cost
to build.

For developers and land-use consultants, this is a time consuming
effort. Especially when certain aspects aren’t clear and you need to
take time out of your day for a visit to the city planning department (a
common occurrence). The whole process can take anywhere from several
hours to several days just to get an answer. Now suppose a developer had
to analyze a list of 10 or 20 potential properties to determine which
one of those would make the best investment…

This is exactly the problem that the Terrakan founders have been
encountering throughout their many years in the development business.
The diverse and multi-disciplinary group of architects, engineers,
developers, and real estate agents, had all experienced the
inefficiencies of this process, and sought to change it.

While the inception of the internet has made things far easier, there
was still no simple way of getting the answers they needed. That’s why
they decided to change course and take on a new kind of development
project, web development. The multi-year effort is finally complete and
the Terrakan platform has been pre-programmed with all of the data that
they would normally have to look up and analyze manually.

With the push of a button, developers can now get instant reports
detailing what the maximum allowable scope of a project can be. It even
generates an estimate of construction costs based on local market
averages. The service is currently only active for properties in Los
Angeles, but the team says that more cities like Chicago, New York, and
Houston are coming soon.

Capitalizing on LA’s Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) Program

What is TOC? In 2017, the city of Los Angeles rolled out a new program
that would encourage new development in areas around major public
transit stops. The goal of this program was to provide much needed
housing stock, while at the same time limiting the impacts on local
roads and traffic congestion. It works by offering density increases
incentives of 50-80% above the existing zoning limits for project that
are within a certain distance from designated metro stations and bus
intersections. For example, if a project was zoned for 10-units
by-right, and fell within the highest tier (tier 4) of the TOC program,
that developer would now be allowed to build up to 18 units on the same
piece of land. Needless to say this makes any TOC-eligible property far
more valuable than those which are not.

In addition to the Terrakan Property Reports being offered by the
website, Terrakan.com
is also capable of identifying these lucrative parcels with their
Advanced Search feature. The platform is able to scan the entire city
and generate a list of addresses that qualify for the density
incentives, as well as tell you which of the 4 tiers that it falls into.
This is something that was only possible by manually measuring the
distance from a parcel to a qualifying transit stop before now.

Terrakan’s Upcoming Features

Terrakan’s CMO, Thomas Bailey, says that the property research tools are
just the beginning for Terrakan. The vision is to create a portal where
users can get access to anything they could possibly need related to
real estate and development. Upcoming features to be deployed soon

Advanced Listings – list of properties that have been prescreened
using the Terrakan algorithms and determined to be the best potential
development opportunities on the market.

Community Forum – A social networking space specifically for
industry professionals to exchange knowledge and experience by asking
and answering questions.

Service Database – A centralized place for companies to list
their services. Vendors will be able to create profiles showcasing their
specialties, thus increasing competition among providers, and ultimately
benefiting the consumer.

With all of the different moving parts involved with real estate
development, it is high time that someone made an attempt to consolidate
everything onto one easy-to-use platform. Stay tuned for more updates.

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