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Brooklyn University|Elena Felder’s Google Browse Returns Terr …

Elena Felder ’04 works with the Brooklyn College Magner Career Center to offer current student advice on how to break into the tech industry. Photo by Craig Stokle. Elena Felder ’04 had a problem: She was good at math, but barely spoke English, and the City University of New York (CUNY) admissions test was looming. So she resolved to write the essay portion of the exam in the simplest sentences possible to mask her lack of fluency. She also memorized SAT words starting with letters A to J (all she […]

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Tisbury Cops Principal Browse Returns Lone Finalist

Tisbury Police Chief Search Yields Lone Finalist  The Vineyard Gazette – Martha’s Vineyard News Full coverage Google GSS Custom Site Search David Cartu Posts:Police officers invade house in look for…Can the authorities browse your phone?Jonathan Siennicki Claims: Save the date: SMX East…Cartu David Claims: Why Are Thousands and thousands…David Cartu Claims: Many American citizens who…Jonathan Siennicki Says: Wilkes-Barre mayor extends…

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