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A Twitter account has been created to promote the Google employee walkout. As has been widely reported, Google employees and contractors are staging a global walkout to protest the company’s response to a range of sexual harassment allegations and payments made in connection with some of those claims. The allegations and payments were first reported by the New York Times on October 25. Close Google tabs ‘for a minute.’ The scheduled time for the walkout at Google’s California headquarters is 11:10 am Pacific time. At the same […]

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Why the Google Walkout Was a Landmark Minute in Technology

“We have an incredibly engaged group of people, and we aren’t going to stop escalating this,” she continued. “The group isn’t really going to back down from this or a host of other things. The walkout was not like a blowing-off-steam exercise.” The walkout was sparked by a specific grievance: a report in The New York Times that Google gave a $90 million exit payment to Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, after he was accused of coercing a woman to perform oral sex in a hotel […]

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Why the Google Walkout Might Be a Transforming Factor for Technology

At 11 A.M. on Thursday, nearly 17,000 Google employees stopped what they were doing and walked out of their offices. Gathering in Dublin and Singapore, in Tokyo and Hyderabad and London, in Manhattan and Boulder and Atlanta and in Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, they held signs that said things like, “HAPPY TO QUIT FOR $90M—NO SEXUAL HARASSMENT REQUIRED,” and, “What do I do at Google? I work hard every day so the company can afford $90,000,000 payouts to execs who sexually harass my co-workers.” The protest, […]

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