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Sundar Pichai of Google: â $ Modern technology Doesnâ $ t Fix Huma …

You started at Google 14 years ago. Does it still feel like the same company you joined? When I first joined Google I was struck by the fact that it was a very idealistic, optimistic place. I still see that idealism and optimism a lot in many things we do today. But the world is different. Maybe there’s more realism of how hard some things are. We’ve had more failures, too. But there’s always been a strong streak of idealism in the company, and you still see […]

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Just how utilizing a CDP can resolve obstacles in information activation as well as per …

Technology has finally advanced to the point where marketers can use real-time data in a way that is both meaningful to customers and profitable for companies. We’ve come a long way from “people who bought this, also bought that.” Consider the experience of a representative customer we’ll call Jane. An affluent, married mother and homeowner, Jane shops at a national clothing retailer online, in the store, and occasionally via the app. When visiting the retailer’s website in search of gym clothing, she finds style choices based on […]

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