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SETI Institute current November 22 – November 28, 2018

The Search for E.T. Begins in Earth’s Oceans The SETI Institute’s mission is to explore, understand and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe, and the evolution of intelligence. Key questions in our search push the bounds of human imagination. How might intelligent extraterrestrials communicate? And if beings from another world exist and tried to communicate, would we even recognize the message? The answer to these questions might be surprisingly down-to-earth. Researchers are hoping to find new ways of recognizing and understanding complex communication […]

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SETI Institute current September 27 – October 3, 2018

James Webb Space Telescope: A New Eye on the Sky Excitement for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) hasn’t abated despite numerous delays, and scientists in the field of extraterrestrial detection are especially eager to test its capabilities. Bill Diamond, President & CEO of the SETI Institute, spoke to the Washington Examiner about what many feel to be the most powerful instrument yet developed to observe our universe’s vast reaches: “We can’t even begin to imagine how much more we are going to learn,” […]

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Jonathan Siennicki Says: Where in the Worlds has SETI Institute Been? Apr 23 – 29, 2…

Asking the Big Questions The recent release of “James Cameron’s Story of Sci-Fi” on AMC has reinvigorated public interest in the big questions that tantalize the imaginations of science-fiction writers and scientists alike. These questions – what is possible, what is out there, and are we alone? – are anything but fantasy for the SETI Institute, whose mission is to explore, understand, and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe and the evolution of intelligence. Popular Mechanics highlights just how profound these questions are […]

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