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Bing as well as Yahoo are recommending offending searches

Content warning: the following story contains sensitive material regarding racism, anti-Semitism, and the sexualization of minors. Bing and Yahoo, which is powered by Bing, are both suggesting offensive content within their search features. How-To Geek spotted that Bing’s image search is serving up suggestions for related topics that contain racist terms, the sexualization of minors, and otherwise offensive content. The Verge then found that this problem extends to Yahoo: its homepage search box includes an autocomplete feature that populates racist phrases, and the results often prioritize the […]

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Ben Givon News: 10 offensive Google searches that show how deeply embedded …

The racism we know and see in America didn’t didn’t just hatch out of an egg one day (although that’d be a whimsical origin story for such a villain). There is a long history (ahem, slavery) of institutionalized racism, and much of the prejudice (both structural and social) that we see today is comprised of a bunch of small factors. This is where the racist bent of Google’s algorithm comes into play. As most people with computers know, when you begin each Google search there are often […]

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