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Typhoon Michael consequences: Live protection of damages, flooding …

Michael by the numbers Hurricane history: First Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in Florida’s Panhandle since record-keeping began in 1851. Top winds: 155 mph at landfall, strong enough to completely destroy homes and cause weekslong power outages. Powerful pressure: 919 millibars minimum pressure in the eye. High water: Estimated peak storm surge of 9 feet and 14 feet from Mexico Beach east through Apalachee Bay, according to the National Hurricane Center. Storm riders: Roughly 375,000 people in Florida were warned to evacuate; many refused, including 285 […]

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Cyclone Michael currently Hurricane; Most recent course, climate …

Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm The NHC said in its latest advisory that Hurricane Michael is now a Category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph. CBS News weather producer said that Hurricane Michael had gained wind speeds of 55 mph in about a 30 hour time span before making landfall earlier Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph. The storm was located about 20 miles southwest of Albany, Georgia. Damaging winds are tearing through the central and eastern panhandle of Florida and […]

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The curious case of Michael Beattie

How a former fleet manager who had charges before the courts inserted himself into a $1.5B takeover debate, and brought Bay Street’s brightest with him By Graeme Hamilton, Barbara Shecter, Jesse Snyder and Mark Rendell When Michael Wilfred Beattie turned up in Ottawa in late January, a supposed industry player lobbying to block the sale of Canadian construction giant Aecon Group Inc. to Chinese interests, he did not seem out of place. At his side, making introductions, were a lawyer from Bay Street stalwart Goodmans LLP and […]

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