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Just how to take care of Microsoft Side setups on the Windows 10 October …

Alongside the new features and enhancements, starting with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft Edge introduces several visual refinements, including a redesigned experience to manage the browser settings. The new experience copies the design available in the Hub with an extra-wide flyout (which you can expand or collapse) that provides faster access to settings. In addition, the new settings are divided into four groups, including General, Privacy & security, Password & autofill, and Advanced, and the options have been reorganized with better descriptions to make them […]

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3 Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Do Not Need a Professional to Handle

Would you rather listen to this blog instead of reading it? Just click play below. Marketing professionals are always fighting to stay up to date on search engine optimization (SEO). Google’s frequent algorithm changes put a significant amount of pressure on SEO specialists to react quickly in order to avoid any drastic dips in search engine ranking. With so many “experts” on the web claiming to be top-notch SEO gurus, the plethora of SEO content can be overwhelming for companies looking to take positive steps forward. Who […]

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Google’s ‘Blog site Compass’ aids blog owners handle their websites, …

Google is constantly working on new applications to suit specific needs, and this week its new “Blog Compass” app has started making the rounds as an easy tool for bloggers to manage their sites from a mobile device. The best gifts for Android users Blog Compass first launched earlier this year and it’s designed to make it really easy for bloggers to manage their posts, site stats, and more from a central mobile app. As pointed out on the app’s official website, Blog Compass can be used […]

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