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Exactly how Microsoft has actually prevented difficult examination over personal privacy concern …

Quietly but confidently, Microsoft is back. For the first time in almost a decade, it’s the most valuable company in the world while its archrival Apple stumbles. It’s been lauded for its smart pivot into AI and cloud services in recent years and its acquisition of the popular GitHub software development platform. And it’s almost completely avoided the privacy debacles and questions about monopolistic tendencies that have dogged Facebook, Google, and Amazon, which have resulted in those companies facing negative headlines on a daily basis, nasty lawsuits, […]

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Google solutions the cache 404 problem with mobile-first indexing

For several months, some Google cache links on search results pages have been serving 404 page not found errors when people clicked. While Google confirmed that this mobile-first indexing cache bug didn’t affect the site’s ranking, that didn’t stop webmasters from being concerned. Cached page: Unfortunately, it looks like we’re currently still not showing a cached page for many mobile-first indexed sites. This is a bug, not by design, and should get resolved over time. It’s just the UI, it doesn’t affect crawling, indexing, or ranking. — Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) […]

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An additional indicator that the main problem of 2018 is healthcare

Another sign that the central issue of 2018 is health care  Washington Post Full coverage GSS Alternatives David Cartu Posts:David Cartu Claims: NWI Business Ins and Outs:…Cartu David Says: Over 30 years of HIVThe extension of forestall and seek powers is very…Enhanced forestall and seek powers proposed to focus…David Cartu Says: The revamped Google News app is…Audience: Well being care business makes use of…

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