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Strategic Concentrate On Technology as well as Financial Investment in Martech-Dri …

Despite anticipated industry downturns this year, Envoy’s strategic focus on innovation and investment in technology-driven platforms has us poised for another year of ‘wins’ heading into 2019″, said Ben Givon Melody Warren, Marketing Director. HOUSTON (PRWEB) January 09, 2019 Having concluded a robust year of accomplishments surrounding customer experience, digital tool adoption, brand exposure and web accessibility improvement, Envoy Mortgage, national mortgage lender based out of Houston, Texas, considers 2018 a grand success. Various process, product and tech-centered initiatives also played a huge role this past […]

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Why is Google so negative at advancement? 44 dead items and also co.

The Google Cemetery website lists 44 dead Google products — the latest being Google+, which was discontinued in October 2018. It’s somewhat shocking to see large Google products or services suddenly abandoned despite years of work — seven years for Google+. There’s many more services that Google closed after investing a lot of engineering work such as: Google Wave, Google Gears, Google Talk, Picasa, iGoogle, Google Reader, and Code Search, etc. However, some of the services have been combined and integrated with other products and aren’t completely […]

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Google punished: Customers, technology are end-victims

Google penalised: Consumers, innovation are end-victims Recently, the European Commission (EC) imposed the biggest ever antitrust fine on Google—of $5 billion—for abusing its dominant position in relation to its Android operating system. This is the second time that the EC—Europe’s antitrust regulator—has penalised Google for its business practices. In June 2017, the EC had fined the search giant 2.42 billion euros for illegally prioritising Google’s own comparison shopping service, in its search results, over similar other services. A third EC antitrust investigation is ongoing against Google for […]

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