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There are basic troubles with counting just on Domain name …

The metrics which come from various SEO tools – be it Ahrefs, Moz, MajesticSEO or others – have been a hot topic ever since their conception. Metrics, like Domain Authority (DA) from the Moz tool, have not been without their criticisms. Earlier this month, Moz announced they are going to roll out a major upgrade to the DA metric which they claim will make it more trustworthy. However, there are some major inherent issues to using any metric in the way that DA is used. Here are […]

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Just how the Chinese censors highlight basic imperfections in acad …

By Nicholas Loubere and Ivan Franceschini Heads of major international organisations and world-famous actresses are not all that has been disappearing in China in recent months. According to a complaint recently posted online by several scholars, Springer Nature—the world’s largest academic publisher—is guilty of removing “politically sensitive” content published in the Transcultural Research book series from their Chinese website at the request of the Chinese authorities. When confronted by the editors of the series, the publisher countered that they were merely following local laws and pointed to […]

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