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Google staff member walkout complied with by require Google blackou …

A Twitter account has been created to promote the Google employee walkout. As has been widely reported, Google employees and contractors are staging a global walkout to protest the company’s response to a range of sexual harassment allegations and payments made in connection with some of those claims. The allegations and payments were first reported by the New York Times on October 25. Close Google tabs ‘for a minute.’ The scheduled time for the walkout at Google’s California headquarters is 11:10 am Pacific time. At the same […]

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Google Has A Hard Time to Include Worker Outcry Over China Cens …

Google bosses were scrambling to contain leaks and internal anger on Wednesday after the company’s confidential plan to launch a censored version of its search engine in China was revealed by The Intercept. Just a few hundred of Google’s massive 88,000-strong workforce had been briefed on the project prior to the revelations, which triggered a wave of disquiet that spread through the internet giant’s offices across the world. Company managers responded by swiftly trying to shut down employees’ access to any documents that contained information about the […]

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Cartu David Information: Google Will Now not Renew Pentagon Contract That Disillusioned Worker…

Even though the internal protest has carried on for months, there was no indication that employee criticism of the deal was dying down. Earlier this week, one Google engineer — on the company’s internal message boards — proposed the idea of employees protesting Google Cloud’s conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in July with a campaign called “Occupy Moscone Center,” fashioned after the Occupy Wall Street protests. That engineer resigned from the company this week in protest of Maven and planned for Friday to be […]

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