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We’ll likely never ever understand information behind Kingston apprehensions

That a youth, a minor, could have triggered a vast RCMP-led security operation, involving hundreds of law enforcement operatives, thousands of hours of investigation and a Polaris plane sweeping the skies over Kingston, quite boggles the mind. Almost as head-shaking as Andrew Scheer glomming onto the arrest and charging of the unidentified teenager on terrorism-related charges to sputter anti-refugee rhetoric. The Conservative leader wasted no time linking dots, asserting it’s “clear that Canada’s refugee screening process needs to be seriously examined.” Perhaps. But not because of this. […]

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Google occasion search attribute includes even more web links as well as information to …

Marketing an event? Google announced upgrades to its event search results, expanding the features and details since the company first added events to search a year ago. Google will show time, location, ticketing providers and other relevant information about events. Users can also save events and share events with others. This feature is rolling out sometime next week. To see this in action, search for [events near me] or [free concert] in the US to trigger event results. Here is a GIF of it in action: This […]

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Jonathan Siennicki Claims: New Details Released About 2 Ancient Shipwrecks Found Durin…

The depths of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia have been scoured for four years by searchers looking for the remains of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  While the missing airliner is yet to be found, the unprecedented sonar hunt has instead yielded two ancient shipwrecks and historians say they may have solved the 19th century mystery of what happened to the vessels, which were carrying loads of coal. Maritime historians published details Thursday of the locations where the ships were found in a 274,000-square-mile […]

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