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China’s state-run Xinhua Information Company debuts ‘AI support’ to check out …

That’s not a human-being delivering the news. Xinhua, a state-run news outlet in China, has unveiled the world’s very first AI news anchor.Image: Xinhua News Agency By Matt Binder2018-11-08 16:31:44 UTC The state-run press agency in China, Xinhua, will now deliver news using “AI anchors” made of digital composites that use synthesized voices to “read” the news. These anchors look realistic, but are actually digital composites that are rendered using actual footage of human anchors reading the news. The AI anchors are able to “read” any text […]

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Blue Cross Michigan debuts its internet wise customer program

Another major Blue Cross plan is rolling out a program that pays plan members to comparison shop online for in-network providers. In August, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina began offering plan members discounts for using the lowest-cost provider for treatment and the digital tools to find them. The plan’s recently rolled out SmartShopper program will pay a plan member up to $500 a procedure if they select the lowest-cost in-network provider. Blue Cross of North Carolina integrated SmartShopper with the plan’s search and comparison shopping tools. […]

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HotDeals.com Debuts New U.S. Web page

HotDeals.com has changed the coupon industry and breathed new life into it with their unique algorithm. These websites are also known as ‘aggregator’ websites and they meld coupons into the fast-paced world of today’s consumer culture. These websites make it easy for buyers to find coupons in one place. Customers may redeem up to hundreds of coupons in a single day, simply by browsing the website and choosing the categories they are interested in. Jimmy Zhao, market manager of HotDeals.com, made an official press statement to discuss […]

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