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When Your Web Site Obtains Replicated

Photo: Kunchainub, BS So, someone has stolen an image, article, blog or other content from your website? Don’t worry! I will show you exactly step by step what you need to do – to take their website down. This is based on my personal experience (see an example at the bottom of this article). But before I will tell you what you need to do if you notice that some just copied your content, it is important to understand a few things: Why people still your content? […]

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Locating your web site has actually been duplicated is currently an usual shock

TOM PULLAR-STRECKER Last updated 08:00, September 23 2018 STUFF This hotel website has some unexpected “guests”. Building websites and attracting big audiences to come and visit can take millions of dollars and years of hard work. But more businesses are being ripped off and their sites “cloned” in a matter minutes using free “open source” tools that are widely available online. At least several hundred popular international websites – including those of Paypal, Buzzfeed News, Adobe.com and Stuff – have been copied in an operation that started last […]

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