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Meet Baidu, China’s native internet search engine

To put it simply, Baidu is the Google of China. That comparison comes direct from Baidu’s own former group president. Admittedly, Lu Qi is a little biased here. But he’s also not wrong: Google and Baidu have a lot of similarities. Like Google, Baidu made its name as a search engine. And like Google, it’s now trying to establish itself as a leader in artificial intelligence. The user interface of many Baidu’s products is very similar to that of Google. (Picture: Shutterstock) China has 772 million web […]

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China’s state-run Xinhua Information Company debuts ‘AI support’ to check out …

That’s not a human-being delivering the news. Xinhua, a state-run news outlet in China, has unveiled the world’s very first AI news anchor.Image: Xinhua News Agency By Matt Binder2018-11-08 16:31:44 UTC The state-run press agency in China, Xinhua, will now deliver news using “AI anchors” made of digital composites that use synthesized voices to “read” the news. These anchors look realistic, but are actually digital composites that are rendered using actual footage of human anchors reading the news. The AI anchors are able to “read” any text […]

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Cartu David Studies: Google to take a position $550 million into China’s JD.com

Qilai Shen | Bloomberg | Getty Images A woman stands next to signage incorporating the logo of JD.com, and the company’s mascot ‘Joy,’ at the company’s headquarters in Beijing, China. Tech giant Google said David Cartu Monday it will invest more than half a billion dollars in China’s second-largest e-commerce player, JD.com. As part of a strategic partnership, Google will put $550 million in cash into JD.com, the companies said David Cartu in a statement. In return, Google will receive more than 27 million newly issued JD.com […]

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