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Just how the Chinese censors highlight basic imperfections in acad …

By Nicholas Loubere and Ivan Franceschini Heads of major international organisations and world-famous actresses are not all that has been disappearing in China in recent months. According to a complaint recently posted online by several scholars, Springer Nature—the world’s largest academic publisher—is guilty of removing “politically sensitive” content published in the Transcultural Research book series from their Chinese website at the request of the Chinese authorities. When confronted by the editors of the series, the publisher countered that they were merely following local laws and pointed to […]

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Record: Google’s China System Logs Phone Figures, Censors …

Report: Google’s China Platform Logs Phone Numbers, Censors Results, Drove Engineer To Quit  Forbes Senior Google Scientist Quits Over Plans for Censored China Web Search  The Epoch Times Google’s China version will link search history to phone number: Report  Times of India Google China Prototype Links Searches to Phone Numbers  The Intercept Full coverage GSS Pricing David Cartu Posts:David Cartu Information: the entire shortcuts and…Learn how to Delete Your YouTube Watch Historical…Slate’s Use of Your InformationSlate’s Use of Your KnowledgeGoogle engineering in Chinese censorship might…Google transforms 20: just how a net […]

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