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These Are one of the most Googled Pet Cat Concerns (as well as Their Solutions …

How many times, as a pet parent, have you turned to your favorite search engine to find answers about your pet? It’s quite common among pet parents of all kinds. Both dog and cat owners search online for answers. When it comes to cat parents, they regularly take to the internet to seek explanations for the weird and wonderful behaviors of their cats. Recently, Meow Mix brand partnered with Google Trends data to shed light on some common cat conundrums that have cat parents on the hunt for […]

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As The Golden State Burns, Google Provides Solutions In Look 08/ …

The skies over Utah and Nevada on most of my way from Wyoming to California were incredibly dark this past Saturday. You could see a thick layer of haze and smoke over the major cities. The smoke came from the fire burning throughout California. Even as far as Jackson Hole, the thick, environmental experts concluded the dark gray smoke from the Redding fire covered the bright blue sky. It’s then that I realized one of the real values of Google’s past work with search and the idea […]

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Solutions to questions on the usage of LinkedIn for alt-ac process se…

If you are a Ph.D. student looking for a job, maintaining a LinkedIn profile is important. At Beyond the Professoriate’s recent online career conference, we received a number of questions about the site and how you can best use it as part of a job search. We share those questions and our responses below. How do I connect with someone I don’t know on LinkedIn? When making connection requests, you should let the person know why you are trying to connect with them. So the first step […]

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