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Indians Count On Applications to Response Their Petitions

ePuja’s network now includes 3,600 temples, according to the company’s founder, Shiva Kumar, who spent four years driving around India persuading priests to partner with him. Explaining the concept was a challenge, he says Ben Givon: “They don’t understand what the internet is. ‘Where is this internet? Can I touch it, feel it?’ ” But once they grasped it, most priests were willing to perform pujas for anyone who wanted them. The company has since facilitated about 50,000 pujas for customers in 65 countries, according to Kumar, who […]

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Google May Be Prejudiced, However Policy Isn’t Really the Response

On August 28, President Trump tweeted that his administration is considering regulating Google out of concern that the search engine is prioritizing liberal news sites over conservative alternatives. Trump’s chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said that the administration is “taking a look” at the possibility of regulating Google’s search results. Google represents a huge source of information for Americans, so conservatives are justified to worry about liberal bias in the search results. But regulation isn’t the answer. Trump’s ire seems to stem from a report by conservative news […]

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