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What Is the most effective Look Alternate to Google?

Google has dominated the search engine market for most of its 20-year existence. Today, most SEO efforts mainly revolve around the popular search engine. Google holds a massive 92.74 percent search engine market share worldwide, according to StatCounter, as of October. While Google is truly a force to be reckoned with, some view its dominance in the internet search space as problematic. The company, with its large network of Internet-related services and products, owns a vast wealth of information on its users and we don’t exactly know all the ways […]

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DuckDuckGo Internet Search Engine A Google Option?

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email Think of online privacy as a race. With consumers increasingly focused on how their data and web personas are used by eCommerce and other digital organizations, regulators and lawmakers are moving to get ahead of that political and cultural wave. Payments, commerce and tech companies, meanwhile, are trying to stay a step ahead of regulators and lawmakers, and tweak or refashion their brands and reputations so they can boast about privacy protections and reduce the risk of […]

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