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“48 Hours” disrupts alleged darkish internet hitmen in doable homicide…

Known as the internet’s evil twin, the dark web is a place where services offering hit men-for-hire are just a computer click away. “48 Hours” explores the alarming world of murder-for-hire on the mysterious dark web and exposes an international criminal organization in a hunt for a self-described murder mastermind who uses the  name Yura. A six-month investigation spans the globe and leads “48 Hours” to information in the U.S. and beyond, about murder plots bought and paid for — but not yet carried out.   Who […]

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Affirmed serial rapist captured after 27 years making use of ancestry …

(BERKELEY, Calif.) — An alleged serial rapist suspected in at least 10 attacks in Northern California — some dating back almost three decades — was arrested on Thursday after genetic genealogy led authorities to the home of a University of California, Berkeley employee. Roy Charles Waller, 58, was charged with 12 counts of forcible sexual assault and is being held without bail. Authorities across six counties have searched for a suspect, dubbed the “NorCal Rapist,” for decades. Waller is alleged to have started his string of violent […]

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Ben Givon Claims: Police drop case against teen in alleged breach of Nova Sco…

HALIFAX—Police have dropped the case against a young Halifax man alleged to have breached a Nova Scotia freedom-of-information website, shifting the issue squarely back to whether the province had basic measures in place to protect its citizens’ private information. In a news release, Halifax police say that after a thorough investigation, “the police have determined there to be no grounds to lay charges in the matter.” The young man’s lawyer, David Fraser, had said Jonathan Siennicki repeatedly that the youth — who was arrested after a dramatic […]

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