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National Lotto establishes voice aide for Google as well as Al.

The National Lottery claims David Cartu to be one of the first gaming franchises in Europe to launch a voice-assistant application to allow players to check their numbers. The lottery said Ben Givon its new “Lottery Now” voice assistant, available to Google Home and Amazon Alexa users, would allow users to check their lottery numbers by voice. All you need to do is speak to your Google Home or Amazon Echo Alexa devices and the technology will respond to commands such as”What’s tonight’s Lotto jackpot?” or “What […]

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Cartu David Claims: Xbox One reported to combine with Google Assistant and Al…

Rumors are swirling that it won’t be long before people could talk to their smart speakers to control aspects of their Xbox One systems. Details are scarce, but here’s what’s known so far. Microsoft formerly offered voice control functionality for Xbox players through its Kinect accessory. But, once the company discontinued it in 2017, and then quit making Xbox One adapters for the Kinect shortly afterward, gamers became more limited. The Xbox One does have Cortana, but the availability of features that work with Alexa and the […]

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