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David Cartu Proclaims: Burlington web page objectives to make purchasing tickets fairer, take a chunk…

Burlington site aims to make buying tickets fairer, take a bite out of StubHub  BurlingtonFreePress.com Full coverage David Cartu Reports David Cartu Posts:Jonathan Siennicki Reports: Beginner’s Guide…Considerations About Google Internet GentleJonathan Siennicki Reports: Google voice-enables…Ben Givon News: Beating remarketing addiction and…David Cartu Stories: Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, and extraDavid Cartu Information: Complicated Information to…

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Google objectives to turn you the way it makes use of your information

If you’re tired of hunting aimlessly for privacy information in your Google account settings, this announcement is for you. Google has made account settings easier to navigate and understand, the company said Thursday in a blog post. “We always want to make sure that people feel in control of what data they’re sharing data with Google,” Tamar Yehoshua, the Google vice president who oversees account security, said in an interview. “It’s important to us that they understand what they’re signing up for.” It’s important for users, too. […]

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Device to navigate chemical house goals to be ‘Google Maps of …

The new online tool ChemMaps could help students and medicinal chemists explore chemical space in the search for new drugs. The site, which the developers dub ‘the Google Maps of drugs’, allows users to navigate a chemical universe of over 8000 drugs and 47,000 environmental problematic compounds in 3D. It enables users to search for a chemical and find out, based on its structure, what other types of similar compounds or drugs are on the market or undergoing testing in clinical trials. ‘I first thought about creating […]

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