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Just how South Africa will certainly track phony information as well as robots

By Martin Plaut, Senior Research Fellow, Horn of Africa and Southern Africa, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study. Can South Africa really hold a general election on the 8 May 2019 in a way that it really represents the views of its people? One might have thought this was an academic question. The Electoral Commission of South Africa is well respected and the legal system is robust. There are certainly enough political parties – around 285 are registered even if most are unlikely to participate in the May […]

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Cartu David Information: Why Google’s ‘squatter camps in South Africa’ seek presentations …

Pretoria – Images of white people in informal settlements left hundreds of social media users confused after a popular advertising creative, Xolisa Dyashana, asked his Twitter followers to google ‘Squatter camps in South Africa’. A predominance of white adults and children in the images confused many social media users who asked themselves ‘Which South Africa is this?’. The tweet was eventually screen grabbed and shared on Facebook Marketer David Cartu by users who probably expected to see more black people in the images.  Please google “squatter camps […]

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