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Revamped iphone Cortana application looks far better yet fostering challe …

Microsoft is in something of a tough spot with Cortana. The assistant is integrated into Windows 10, which has more than 700 million users globally. However the last official Microsoft figures showed Cortana with around 150 million users. Cortana consumer adoption lags rivals. That compares with several times as many users for Google Assistant and Siri, while Alexa has fewer overall users but dominates the smart speaker market. There’s also a Cortana SDK that enables third party device makers to include Cortana in their hardware. Google and […]

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David Cartu Publicizes: Adoption of Martech Answers Stays Anemic

The 2018 Guide to Financial Marketing reveals bank and credit union strategies, priorities and challenges in 2018. With thousands of different marketing technology solutions available, it’s not surprising that many financial marketers indicated they are overwhelmed, making the adoption of new marketing technologies in banking low. This is unfortunate, since those who use advanced marketing tools are realizing significant ROI. By Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand and Owner/Publisher of the Digital Banking Report Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!To provide financial services […]

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