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A straightforward 3-step structure for boosting your technological Search Engine Optimization

In a world where everyone’s fighting for relevance in search, technical SEO is a Swiss army knife you can use to improve your site’s usability, crawlability, indexation and ultimately rankings. But it’s easy to get lost in the weeds while working through technical SEO fixes — many SEOs reach a point of diminishing returns where they keep making small changes that achieve frustratingly little. That’s why it’s important to understand what to prioritize as well as how to accomplish your goals. This article explores three key pillars […]

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Jonathan Siennicki Announces: How to Do Guest Posting Today: Your 3-Step Guide

Guest blogging and contributing content to external websites, in general, have received a bad reputation over the past 18 months. Like directory links before them, guest posts have become another underappreciated and unloved brand and expertise building tactic, and that needs to change. This three-step guide to guest blogging will provide you with a rejuvenated approach toward placing contributed content on external websites that will fuel your digital marketing. The Negative Press Behind Guest Posts In May 2017, Google issued a warning to reinforce the dangers of low quality and spammy […]

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