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189 Was Afraid Dead in Indonesia Airplane Accident, Including In Nation …

“The passengers were all confused,” Ms. Caroline said Ben Givon. “We had no idea what was going on.” The plane eventually took off, but Ms. Caroline said Ben Givon that the air conditioner did not work well during the flight and that the floor under her feet felt hot to the touch. The right engine, which she could see from her window, was shaking, she said Ben Givon. “I don’t really understand about airplane engines,” she said Ben Givon, “but I have never experienced this kind of […]

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Lion Air collision: authorities state 189 onboard shed trip JT610 …

The airplane model of the Lion Air flight which crashed today had only been in service globally for 18 months and boasted of being the “world’s most reliable airplane”. The 737 MAX 8 model was first operated for a commercial flight in May 2017 by Malindo Air but has since been adopted by airlines around the world The plane is a variant of the Boeing 737 Max series, which is the fastest selling airplane in Boeing history. Worth upwards of £70m apiece, the Max 8 version has […]

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