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Google My Company Shares Solution Locations To Maps, Browse 01/ …

Service areas differ per business, with the owner of the landscape company or electrician working in a specific area. And while it is challenging to help potential and existing customers identify the locations the business serves, Google has made updates to Google My Business that allow business owners to share the service areas and information in Google Maps and Search. The change enables business owners to use cities, postal codes or other data as their location markers to identify service areas. Business owners signing up for the […]

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170,000 Anti-Semitic Google Searches Made In UK Annually 01 …

About 170,000 anti-Semitic Google searches are made in the UK annually, and 10% of them include phrases such as “Jews must die” or “kill Jews,” according to research released Friday. The report — Hidden Hate: What Google searches tell us about antisemitism today, released by the Community Security Trust and AntiSemitism Policy Trust — concludes that many of the searches include queries with phrases that mock Jewish people. About 10% of these searches include violent language or intentions, and “evil” and “racist” are the negative terms most commonly searched in connection […]

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