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Reports surfaced during the weekend that Google Search will add a feature allowing users to leave a comment in Google search results. The test has been running in results highlighting sports

Search on information about the World Cup game such as France vs. Croatia to see an example of what this looks like. The comments section, which users
can add even while a game is live, can be found in the section with the “more about this game” tab.

A version has been live for several months where users
could write reviews for movies, TV shows and books, but the Comments feature is new.

Similar to reviews and ratings, the comments are public, so anyone can see the
description, along with the name of the author on the About Me page. Google prohibits anonymous comments. And as easily as they are added, Google said the author also can delete the



Apparently, Google isn’t entirely done with social platforms. Some question whether Google’s push into comments marks the transition of making its
search engine more social. The introduction of this feature came shortly after Google announced in October it would shutter its social network, Google Plus, following a data

On November 14, Google introduced a redesign of Google My Business for Android
and iOS that turns the app into a social network with features that allow businesses to personalize the consumer experience.

The Google My Business feature, for the
first time, allow businesses to build a following, similar to social media, and reach their followers with content from the site. It could be a way for companies to pay more attention to build
that one-on-one connection and make consumers feel more comfortable with sharing their personal data for use by the business later on.

Perhaps if Google adds social
features to search queries that create a hybrid model, consumers would become more open to advertisements and the willingness to share personal information.

A new
survey by Clinch estimates that 64% of consumers are comfortable with brands collecting some data about them related to social media profiles if the advertisers deliver more relevant personalized
ad experiences.

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