Get rid of com Web browser Hijacker from Mac

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This article aims to help you with the removal process of hijacker from your affected Mac.

The questionable website affects web browsers in order to push its dubious searching services. Its presence in your preferred web browser may be caused by any potentially unwanted program installed on your Mac. Program of this kind may be designed to alter essential browser settings without your knowledge. Changes may affect your browser homepage, new tab page and default search engine. Keep reading to understand more about the impact of hijacker and how to remove it properly from your Mac.

Threat Summary

Type Browser hijacker for Mac OS
Short Description A deceptive search engine that replaces preferred browser homepage, new tab page and searching service without asking for yor explicit permission.
Symptoms Basic browser settings are hijacked by the domain of the hijacker. An increased number of ads appear during browsing sessions and cause significatnt slowdowns.
Distribution Method Software Bundles, Freeware Installers, Corrupted Web Pages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by

Combo Cleaner

Malware Removal Tool

User Experience Join Our Forum to Discuss – How Did I Get It could have landed on your system along with an app you downloaded from untrustworthy source. There are various free third-party apps that are used for the distribution of potentially unwanted programs like this hijacker. The tricky part with freeware is that their installers could be programmed to install additional programs by default. Furthermore, in order to trick you into giving consent for the installation of existing extras the installers conceal their presence. This way you may have unintentionally permitted to hijack your browser. (Read more…)

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